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Written by admin on February 5, 2015. Posted in Events, News

Badge shop dates for 2016.

Times are 7 – 8 pm.  If you cannot make this time please phone to arrange an alternative time.

1st March                                                             19th July

15th March                                                           6th September

19th April                                                              20th September

3rd May                                                                 4th October

17th  May                                                              18th October

7th June                                                                1st November

21st June                                                              15th November

5th July                                                                  6th December

As per District meeting last week, the new price list has been issued and the great news is that none of the prices have gone up.  Here is a reminder of the prices:

All activity badges including staged                          59p   Many of the old badges are now out of stock

Participation (Stars)                                                        46p

PL, APL, SPL                                                                        59p

World                                                                                    70p

Kent/Thanet                                                                      60p

Challenge Badges                                                            70p Many of the old badges are now out of stock.

Patrol Badges

RN Recognition (Crown)                                               80p

Don’t forget that woggles, record cards and certificates are also held in stock.

You can email me the orders ready for collection at badge shop or by alternative arrangement.  Don’t forget monies when collecting.  If you know you are working on a sectional badge and may require more than 25 (I.e. collectors) then you can pre-order them so that they are in stock ready for your order.

If you have any queries on anything else please contact me.