Raft Race 2016

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Well done to everyone that took part in todays District Raft Race.

Big Thanks to 1st St. Peter’s for their buoyancy aids and safety boat, and 6th Ramsgate for the 2nd safety boat (better known as the barrel-collector!!!) and 11th Broadstairs for the Flag collecting boat!

Despite a freshening sideward wind, the Scouts, Explorers and Network (yes – Network – first year!!) all did really well (with some mixed success!!) but above all had a lot of fun….!

Scout Traditional

1st = 1st Minster

2nd = 6th Ramsgate A

3rd = 1st Garlinge A

4th = 1st Garlinge B

5th = 11th Broadstairs B

6th = 11th Broadstairs A

7th = 1st Minster B

Scout Anything Goes

1st = 2nd Garlinge (for the 4th year in a row…!!!)

2nd = 1st Margate

3rd = 6th Ramsgate B

Explorer Traditional

1st = Phoenix/Ramillies/Holy Trinity

2nd = Vikings A

Explorer Anything Goes

1st = Vikings B


1st = Thanet Network….. with extensive use of plastic, cardboard and 150m of Gaffa tape “Floaty-McFloatFace” (surprisingly!!) stayed afloat!!

Dave Humby

ADC Scouts

Participation certificates here      Scouts           Explorers           Network

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