District Team


District Team:
District Commissioner – Cath Kirkpatrick
Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) – Teresa Johns
Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) – Zena Mays
Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs) – Malcolm Johns
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) – Ben Churchill
Assistant District Commissioner (Growth & Development) – Nirav Patel
District Explorer Scout Commissioner – Catherine Hodges
District Scout Network Commissioner – Wayne Button
District Youth Commissioner – Adam Topping
District Local Training Manager – Carole Pankhurst
District Scout Active Support Manager – Marion Astley

The District is also supported by other members that help to deliver Scouting on the District Team.

District Executive Committee:
District President – Ann Wells MBE
District Chairman – David Diggens
District Secretary – Barbara Graham-Horne
District Treasurer – Tony Aylward

The District is also supported by other members that serve as representatives on the District Executive Committee.